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Customized Membership Services.

At Sav-Mor, the services we provide are completely customized to your pharmacy. You only pay for the specific services you need.

Our core members become family, co-owners of our company, and share in 100% of the profits.

All Sav-Mor members can receive:

Primary Wholesaler Purchasing Through Cardinal Health

Excellent Rebate Program and 16% to 35% monthly discounts on generic items

National and Regional PBM Contracting (integrated with LeaderNet for Core Members)

Individualized contract management with favorable conditions

IQ Contract Database

Gain access to view contract details, payer notifications, DIR estimations and more

Daily Case Management (five times a week)

Dependable online reporting platform to keep track of payments and central pay

Full Length Tracking and Pharmacy Claims Processing Reconciliation System

In depth IQ Smart Technology Analytics Management

Desk and Onsite Audit Support

IQ Audit tracking platform to keep track of audits and monies involved

Useful Credentialing and Quality Assurance Platform

Managing licenses as well as monthly and yearly OIG/GSA/SAM Exclusion Checks

Friendly Phone and Dedicated Web-Based Support Team

Online platform for chat/tickets/forum

Intranet Member Platform

Constant communication involving industry news, audit tips, and more

Vendor Preferred Pricing on Various Pharmacy-Related Products (including front end)

Examples include Amplicare, Centor, Digital Pharmacist, Pharma-Smart, and more

835 Split Files for Your Needs

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